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Delaware Mine Gen 2

Updated: Jan 25

We are happy to announce that the Delaware Mine will continue on after the untimely loss of Tom Poynter. The family was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support last fall from the community and it really brought home the importance of the mine. While everyone had visited the mine at some time or another in the past the family never really saw the full picture of what an asset it is to the region. Tom's eldest daughter Laurie and her husband Bob have purchased the mine and they look forward to meeting the community and replanting some of Laurie's original Yooper roots.

There will be some changes but the goal is to keep it true to Tom's vision. One big change will be the absence of Snickers and Oreo the pet skunks. One generation or another has been around since the early days. After Tom's passing a new home for the skunks was needed since nobody in the family could really take care of them. A display will be added in honor of them and people can donate to the Skunk Rescue that they were re-homed to. The hope is to have some fluffy commemorative stuffed animals in their likeness to still visit with.

This last season was a refresh season for many areas of the mine. It also brought a new energy to the mine with the archeological dig by Michigan Tech professors and students. Everyone has been informed of the long term plans and ideas that were discussed with Tom and all are excited to see those plans move forward. it will be interesting to read some of the published findings based on what has been uncovered so far.


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